Bond Cleaning Tips and Advice

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Bond Cleaning Tips and Advice

Bond cleaning is also known as exit cleaning or end of lease cleaning. It is something a property manager can ask you to do when you’re at the end of your lease and is about to move out.

Without a proper cleaning of the rented space, getting back the bond can prove to be incredibly stressful. Especially if the real estate agent happens to be picky which is often the case. They will insist the property is as good as or even cleaner than when you arrived.

Some tenants choose to do the cleaning on their own. Some prefer to use a service like ours at Pro Bond Cleaning Brisbane which comes with a bond back guarantee. Which ever you choose, this article will give some tips and advice on bond cleaning.

What do real estate agents expect from bond cleaning?

Both you and the real estate agent will be in possession of a real estate condition form that completely outlines the existing condition of each room. This includes the stains on the walls, the number of hooks and nails, and the current damage before you moved in.

This real estate condition form is used to check if everything around the house is in order, of course with reasonable expectations regarding wear and tear. This real estate condition form is known by many names around Australia. In Queensland the form is called a Entry Condition Report.

As far as expectations of real estate agents from bond cleaning are concerned, you should at least include the following items in the exit cleaning checklist:

  • Neat and clean walls
  • Clean windows both inside and outside
  • Steam cleaned carpets
  • A tidy garden that is free of debris and has a mowed lawn
  • The top and inside of all cupboards completely clean through a thorough wipe down
  • A sparkling clean swimming pool if there is one
  • Clean window finishing such as curtains and blinds
  • Insects and dirt removed from all the light fittings and properly polished
  • Thoroughly cleaned window tracks
  • All floors correctly mopped and vacuumed
  • Ensuring that all surfaces have received a thorough wipe down and no new stains or marks are present
  • Making sure that the skirting boards are free of dust or any marks

These are just a few of the things the property manager will request you clean before you move out.

Bond Back Guarantee explained

Bond Back Guarantee explained

If you’re reluctant to do the cleaning yourself or simply don’t have enough time, going for a cleaning service would be the best choice. Apart from professional grade cleaning, most end of lease cleaners offer some kinds of bond refund guarantee.

This guarantee entails that you will get your money back if your full bond gets denied due any cleaning issue that happened on their end.

Moreover, you also have the choice to call that the cleaners and get the problem rectified. Also, a cleaning agency would provide you with a tax receipt that you can use as a proof that you had the property professionally cleaned. This, in all probability, will reduce the nitpicking and drastically improve your chances of earning the bond back.

A professional quality exit cleaning allows you to focus on moving ahead to a new home rather than being forced to scrub the old one. Actually, you will end up miles ahead financially because professional cleaners charge only once and ensure all parts of the house have been thoroughly cleaned.

All you have to do is just hire a reputed company to do the cleaning, and you’ll be all set to move out with ease.

Visit the RTA (Residential Tenancies Authority) website to get a copy of the refund of rental bond form.

DIY Bond Cleaning – is it worth it?

DIY Bond Cleaning

Now, one question that looms inside of everyone’s mind is if they can do the cleaning themselves. People may want to take matters into their own hands for many reasons. Some may want to save the money which they would otherwise have to pay a professional cleaner. Others may not trust anybody to do the cleaning as well as they would do.

But the real question should be, is DIY bond cleaning worth it, especially when during the time when you’re about to move out? Surprisingly, the answer varies depending on the people and other external factors that determine how easy or difficult it is to conduct the cleaning thoroughly.

The factors that determine the worth of DIY bond cleaning out the following:

1. Time: In most cases, people don’t want to do end of lease cleaning because time is short and they want to move out as soon as possible. From organizing the stuff to arranging the movers, people have plenty of things to do when they’re moving out, and that leaves cleaning the house the last on their checklist.

2. Enthusiasm: People who are already excited about moving into their new home can hardly concentrate on mopping and scrubbing their old property. This is because of the bubbling excitement of settling down at a new place. Believe it or not, countless number of people goes for a professional cleaning service only because they don’t feel like cleaning the house themselves.

3. Cleaning products: An end of lease cleaning isn’t as easy as some people make it to be, especially because there’s a lot of shopping involved. How do you plan to clean every nook and cranny without the proper gear and cleaning agents? It’s next to impossible to do all the shopping yourself, and it can also add up to a lot of costs.

4. Your experience: Even if you have the budget to afford all cleaning equipment, do you have the necessary expertise to pull it off by yourself? Unless you’re completely sure you can clean every part of the house for yourself, including the roof and ceiling, you shouldn’t attempt to do it. This will only add to your frustration apart from causing you to lose time and money.

Areas to clean

Areas to clean

If you are confident about your cleaning skills, then you can move onto the next step and clean the following areas of your house:

1. Walls and door windows:

It is essential to make sure the walls and the door windows are properly cleaned because they are the most noticeable. You can clean the walls by using a mild quality sugar soap and sponge mop after wiping off the dust. Spot cleaning isn’t hard if you know what you’re doing and the end results can be fantastic.

2. Windows:

This is an obvious part of a home that deserves a thorough cleaning, in both the exterior and interior of the property. You can do the cleaning in a regular way by dusting or mopping, but have to ensure that the job is thorough. And includes the curtains and blinds in the process for impressive results.

3. Carpets:

Nothing is perhaps more important than cleaning carpet areas when it comes to getting back your bond money. Carpet stains and discolouration stick out like a sore thumb, which is why you must take every step possible to ensure all the carpets are free of dirt and stains. However, just vacuuming will hardly get the job done.

4. Kitchens and ovens:

This area of your house deserves a special mention because it is a part that you cannot do without cleaning. A neat and tidy kitchen is not only more inviting but also gives out the vibe that a house is fit for a living.

5. Skirting boards:

These portions of a home largely go unnoticed and are cared for unless there comes a time to do some serious cleaning. If you haven’t cleaned the skirting boards in a long while, consider cleaning them the same way you would clean the walls of the house.

6. Ceilings and fans:

You already know how much a fan is capable of attracting dirt. Adding to that, ceilings also accumulate cobwebs, dirt, and other unwanted substances that cause discolouration. So, make cleaning the fans and ceilings must check out thing in your list of existing cleaning items.

7. Cupboards and sinks:

Get a decent quality surface spray and get inside of every corner of the cupboards to get rid of food, grime, or dust. Also, be sure to disinfect all sinks and wipe them clean till they are completely spotless. You don’t want to leave any dust or food particles lying around as it may cause your house to smell.

8. Bathroom and toilets:

Cleaning every part of the bathroom and the toilets is essential. Use a decent amount of disinfectant and cleaning products to ensure no grime or smell is left behind.

9. Laundry:

Make sure all grouting is cleaned and the corners of the showers have no mold or mildew. The real estate agent will also be pleased seeing that you pay attention to details.

10. Garages:

No part of the house accumulates more junk and mess than the garage; well not unless you’re someone who likes to keep it clean. This is why it’s crucial that you get rid of waste elements, nasty stains, cobwebs, and other stuff thoroughly.

11. Gardens and lawns:

If you have a vast lawn area, then spending a good amount of time in doing cleaning up should be one of your goals. Begin by removing any junk or waste items lying in the garden then move on to disposing off green waste. You may also do some weeding or hire are professional to do on your behalf.

12. Other outdoor areas:

If we missed to include any portion of your home in this list, then go ahead and add it as well because your aim should be directed towards complete cleaning.

General Cleaning Tips and Advice

Even though we’ve covered most areas to clean and how to clean them, below mentioned are few cool tips and tricks to get started:

  • Before cleaning anything, wrap the head of a broom with an old towel or sheet to increase its efficiency.
  • Remember to clean the oven a few days prior to the day of moving to make sure whatever mess made afterward needs just a regular wipe and nothing more.
  • Don’t forget to wipe down light/power switches along with the skirting boards.
  • You can consider hiring a steam cleaner from the market should you choose to do the carpet cleaning by yourself.
  • Don’t ignore the cobwebs in the ceiling corners no matter how invisible they are to plain view as there is always a chance of it expanding and accumulating dirt.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Bond Cleaner

Professional Bond Cleaning

If all of the advice mentioned above seems too overwhelming of a task, then hiring a Bond Cleaning service would be the way to go. These companies provide expert services with thorough efficiency and utmost courtesy while delivering their service.

With many years of experience behind their craft, a professional bond cleaner can indeed make the cleaning experience worth your while.

Benefits of hiring an expert bond cleaner

  • They thoroughly clean every nook and cranny of the property.
  • Use quality cleaning products and materials.
  • Accommodate your needs and strive to make sure you are completely satisfied with the results.
  • Most bond cleaning agencies offer Bond Back Guarantee. If for some reason your bond gets rejected, they’ll come back to clean at no cost.
  • Professional cleaners also offer other  services like garden care and lawn mowing. They’ll ensure the entire property is perfectly cleaned.

Costs involved

It is a remarkable fact that most professional bond cleaning services are available at incredibly affordable prices. The costs will depend on the size of the property and the amount of cleaning required.

Costs range from an average of $250- $350 for a small apartment. Then from $350 to $1000 for larger homes. Always contact your local bond cleaner prior to cleaning to get a quote.


Making sure your rental property is thoroughly cleaned is essential. Whether you choose the DIY or hire a professional, ensure every corner is covered. A general rule of thumb is: make is cleaner than  when you moved in. If you’re not prepared to get on your knees and clean, consider hiring a professional bond cleaner. We hope you found the article helpful. If you have any questions or comment please let us know.

Useful Information:

If you are a tenant and interested in finding out more visit the Tenants Queensland website for some useful information.

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