100 Best Cleaning Hacks

The Best Cleaning Tips

100 Cleaning Hacks


Let’s face it, no one likes cleaning. But it’s a daily chore we must endure. Here we explore some of the best cleaning hacks from our hidden archives. We’ve compiled a list of the most popular 100 cleaning tips we can share. If you like these tips or you’ve used any of them to clean before we’d love to hear how they worked for you. Please feel free to add more cleaning tips in the comment below.


1. Invest in compressed air cans. These can go a long way in blowing out any crumbs, dust or dirt that has gotten into hard-to-reach places, such as a keyboard or bathroom exhaust.

2. Always use the right product; if you use bleach to clean a carpet, you’re going to have a bad time.

3. Don’t use over-the-counter stuff. There are easy guides online to help make your own cleaner that will be much more effective.

4. Place baking soda in your shoes and leave it there for a bit to reduce the smell. Just remember to shake them out before wearing them again.

5. Don’t let your cleaning products get tainted! Use bags, jars, baskets, toothbrush covers and so on to store your stuff.

6. Take some dish detergent and add it to warm water for that patio furniture on the back deck. Rinse with a garden hose for max quality of life after scrubbing.

7. For cleaning microwaves, heat a cup of water with chopped lemon until steam clouds the window. Let it sit in there for about twenty minutes, and any grime will come off with ease.

8. Generally, wet microfiber cloths generally work better than paper towels and can be washed in your washing machine. For your cleaning needs, we recommend grabbing a few.

9. A jar of white vinegar is great for cleaning and cleansing toothbrushes. Dip it in there and leave it for about a half hour optimally.

10. Dirty curtain liners for the shower are cleaned easy when thrown in the wash with towels!

11. Opened baking soda can be placed in the linen closet to keep its contents smelling great.

12. Remember not to over-clean. Jeans, bras, and other similar clothing can be worn several times without having to be washed.

13. Two new and clean tennis balls in the dryer will banish any static electricity in your clothes as well as work as a fabric softener.

14. Those annoying labels on containers? Put them in a pool of oxiclean and they’ll come right off. No more bloody fingernails.

15. Ever get oil stains on your driveway? Products like “Pour’N”Restore” clean the stain as their contents dry into a powder, making it easy to dispose of once it’s done its job.

16. It’s a good practice to Velcro electronics onto their compatible devices. Never lose that remote control again!

17. Scratches on kitchen dining sets are simple to remove; just use rust remover and a sponge. Stronger rust removing products work better for deeper, larger scratches.

18. Toothpaste can remove marker stains from wood.

19. For carpets, clean new stains immediately. Dissolve dish liquid into two cups of warm water before blotting the stain with a cloth doused in it. The stain will vanish from the carpet. After, sponge with cold water and dry with a different cloth.

20. Spray ammonia onto the oven after removing loose pieces of charred foodstuffs, then sprinkle baking soda and add droplets of white vinegar. Let it bubble for a few minutes then take a sponge to the grime.

21. Porcelain is cleaned easily with a cloth soaked of vodka.

22. Baking soda and bleach can be combined and scrubbed into bathroom grouts to make them spotless. It takes about an hour, so remember to use rubber gloves and any other safety equipment you think you’ll need.

23. Place a squeeze bottle top on a vacuum nozzle as a good alternative for reaching those smaller hard-to-reach areas! It’s like a funnel!

24. Let liquid enzyme detergent sit on sweat stains for fifteen, then wash with bleach. Easy removal of sweat from clothes.

25. For shower cleaning, mix chlorine bleach with a gallon of water and apply with a brush. Let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub.

26. Remove mold from shower edges in no time with cotton coils doused in vinegar.

27. If you have a speckled towel, take it outside and brush thoroughly, and then let it dry for three hours in the sun before pre-soaking with bleach and water. Finally, machine wash.

28. An easy way to clean the bathtub drain is to take a screwdriver and remove the insert beneath the plug, then grab any hair out with pliers. Pour half a cup of that trusty baking soda down the drain followed by vinegar. Let it bubble up, then finish it off by pouring some hot water down the drain.

29. Use toothpaste to get rid of coffee rings or general coffee stains.

30. Pillow cases are great for cleaning fan blades without getting dust in your face and on the floor. Quick and easy.

31. An option for removing carpet stains is to use a cleaner (not bleach!) on a towel. Place this towel over the stain and then use a clothing iron over it. The stains will iron right out!

32. Clean a clogged drain with half a cup of baking soda followed by another half cup of vinegar, then cover it with wet cloth and flush with hot water after five minutes.

33. Use textured scrub sponges to tidy up worn sweaters. Run it across the garment gently to get rid of fuzz.

34. Add dish soap to a spray bottle with warm water to remove grease and other stains from cabinets.

35. Your kids drew on the wall again? Sprinkle baking soda on a damp sponge and it’s gone.

36. Scrub shoes with toothpaste to make them shine!

37. Was your day muddy? Leave those boots on the front porch to dry for easier cleaning, then sweep excess gunk outside.

38. Microfiber couches are prone to showing stains as time goes on, but, this is going to come as a surprise, rubbing alcohol can be used to clean it off easily! Just apply, brush, scrub, and clean.

39. Rub grease stains thoroughly with dish detergent, then rinse with water. Dish detergent soap is gentle enough for spot-treating most fabrics, even washable wool and silk.

40. Table salt can remove stains from wooden counters and get rid of stuck food from your skillet.

41. Dishes aren’t the only thing that the dishwasher can clean. You can put plastic toys, toothbrush holders, pet dishes, and so on into the dishwasher and it’ll work wonders.

42. Grab the right broom for the job. Inside calls for fine bristles, while outside calls for stiffer bristles.

43. Put some baking soda on those pet cushions, then vacuum after letting it sit for fifteen minutes. Easy clean.

44. After doing dishes, use those damp rubber gloves to gather up pet hair easily from furniture.

45. Orange peels in vinegar are great if you’re wishing for a sweet scent.

46. Garbage disposals can get real smelly, but there’s an easy remedy. Put some lemon rinds in there with cold water and let it rip!

47. Dirty iron? Place salt on an eligible surface and then iron it with “steam” turned off. Dirt and other rogue substances stick to the salt, allowing for easy disposal.

48. Rubbing alcohol saves the day once again by being a great candidate for getting nail polish out of the carpet.

49. Remember to multitask! Clean the bathroom while watching over the kids in the bath, for example.

50. The best dustpan is one with a rubber edge. This prevents that pesky line of dust from forming.

51. Believe it or not, coffee grinders can be cleaned by running rice grains through them!

52. Prepare a coat rack and box in the entryway for shoes and other items to make sure clutter doesn’t spread.

53. For anything dirty made of chrome, such as a faucet, toothpaste on a wet sponge works great.

54. It’s good to circle your way around your kitchen efficiently. Save the stove for last as to not spread its filth around. A good practice is to move clockwise from it.

55. Ketchup can be used to shine copper.

56. Tang Drink Mix is another option for cleaning that toilet. Let it sit for a bit, then soak the toilet brush in it and scrub.

57. Use coffee filters in place of paper towels to clean mirrors for extra shine.

58. Don’t let papers or other little objects clutter. File or throw things out once you’ve decided whether or not they’re important.

59. White vinegar helps brighten those windows. Mix two tablespoons with a gallon of water and then squirt away with that spray bottle before wiping with a microfiber cloth.

60. Iron your clothes when they’re damp right out of the dryer for releasing wrinkles faster against the moisture.

61. Use liquid soap with a dispenser. Bars of soap leave unnecessary goop.

62. Move magazines, books and whatever else might be on your cushions before flipping and cleaning. No clutter!

63. An optimal way to keep pillows clean is to wash them whenever the seasons change.

64. A cut lemon can be used on a cutting board to get rid of stains and smells. Spread some salt or baking soda first for maximum effect.

65. Tired of those water spots on your shower door? Take a teaspoon of lemon oil and rub it onto the glass about every six months. Spotless!

66. Stuffed animals can be lint rolled after getting out of the wash for additional thorough cleaning.

67. Put sponges in the microwave to sanitize them rather than throwing them out prematurely.

68. Hair spray, combined with magic eraser, warm water with soap and nail polish remover can get rid of fresh nail polish spills on tile floors with great efficiency.

69. Make towels soft and supple again by washing them in hot water with a cup of ammonia.

70. Wrap wipes doused with cleaner around the side of a wire hanger, then stick it between onion screens to remedy any unsightly blemishes that have settled inside.

71. After cleaning off dusty plants with a bit of soap and water, rub a drop of mayonnaise into the leaves with a paper towel to shine them up. Yes, mayonnaise.

72. Get a small laundry bin for priority uniform cleans. Some uniforms, such as ones used for sports or dancing, require cleaning over everything else, so place them in this basket!

73. Protect the bristles! Storing brooms handle-down does just this while also putting them right at eye’s height, making it easier to locate a specific broom.

74. Aluminum is great for scrubbing baked foodstuffs from dishes.

75. Those cursed rust spots on knives are remedied easily by placing them in lemon juice until they’re spotless.

76. Disinfect your purse regularly. It gathers a lot of bacteria on your travels!

77. A good habit while vacuuming is to go from corner to corner.

78. Squeaky floors can be silenced by sweeping baby powder into the cracks. Don’t forget to wipe away the excess!

79. Get rid of hard water with use of white vinegar and an old toothbrush. Pour the vinegar, let it sit for twenty, and then scrape it off with the toothbrush!

80. A homemade laundry cleaner for stains can be made by mixing a cup of hydrogen peroxide and half a cup of dish soap and, you guessed it, baking soda.

81. Window blinds can be annoying, but not anymore. Clean window blinds by sticking your hand into an old (but clean!) sock after soaking it with some vinegar. Just run your socked hand up and down each blind!

82. Save on that hot water bill. The only things that need to be washed hot are undergarments, sheets and towels.

83. Use a lint roller in addition to a vacuum to clean your car thoroughly!

84. Let the blender clean itself! Fill it with soap and warm water then let it spin!

85. That good old squeegee can be used on the carpet to gather and dispose of pet hair.

86. Dryer sheets are great for cleaning excess soap from your shower doors.

87. Stack that soapy hot water-filled sink with dirty utensils during dinner so that they can soak while you eat. This makes for a much shorter, simpler clean.

88. Use toothpaste on wetted silver jewelry to return that shine.

89. While scrubbing the toilet, you can stick the brush down the drain to lower the water level, reducing the risk of splashing disgusting toilet water on yourself.

90. Dish soap mixed with warm water is great for removing hair build-up from hairbrushes and combs.

91. Rub a walnut on wooden furniture to mask cracks or cuts. Don’t forget to remove the shell!

92. Small toys and many other things can be washed in the laundry with a laundry bag.

93. Toothpaste, as your keen eye may have realized, is quite the useful cleaning substance. It can even remove permanent marker from hard wood floors.

94. Make sure you hang your towels the right way so that they air-dry. Use a towel bar!

95. Create an earthy cleaner by placing sage in homemade vinegar solution.

96. A butter knife covered with a cleaner-doused rag helps with getting inside dirty air vents.

97. Create your own “lost-and-found” basket while cleaning for that excess clutter that you aren’t sure about. It’s good to be safe.

98. Hydrogen peroxide can clean toilets, windows, tubs and so on. Just replace the regular cap with a bottle head from a squirt bottle and you’re all set.

99. Don’t be afraid to donate or throw away old or ruined clothes. Reduce that clutter!

And finally, the most important of all hack tips that you should literally HACK into your brain…

100. Be persistent. Be consistent. Never stop cleaning. Don’t allow the stink to multiply to full strength, or it’ll affect both your self-esteem and comfort, among everything else. For a happy home, a happy family and a happy you, keep at it. You’ve got what it takes. Happy cleaning!

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